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OEM/ODM customization service

Experience in a custom solution

Our main customers include: Fujitsu, NEC, zte, industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, industrial bank, agricultural bank, social security, easy to many international top 500 company and domestic listed companies, etc.
Shenzhen Lean Kiosks System Co,Ltd agile and efficient solution design, planning all project team members to develop tracking:
Custom machine shell, and the software design
Integration and internal manufacturing
Advanced project management/product life cycle
The remote management and on-site support
Shenzhen Lean Kiosks System Co,Ltd for many years, in the industry of self-service terminal services for global customers with unparalleled experience.
In short, we will be very easy to achieve your custom.

Customized design

Based on the customer's different business model design, we can provide custom-made services, intelligent support campaigns, the dynamic display of products, product recycling and other functions.
unparalleled  all solutions and custom-made according to customer demand, can support WeChat, alipay, etc
Mobile payment and bank CARDS, cash payment.
LKS all solutions are independent design and development, can customize according to customer's demand.
Large capacity, the goods can be made according to request of customer
Can also sell canned, bottled, cartons, bags and other products, can be made according to customer demand aisle
Adopts the tray pickup method design, ensure the safety of goods at the same time, improve customer satisfaction
Grating shipment inspection system
Toughened glass window, LED lighting, luxurious atmosphere grade
Support WeChat, alipay, NFC mobile payment and bank CARDS, cash and other payment
Support functions of COINS and paper money change

Customized production

LKS's dominant market share in the custom terminal design is directly related to our ability to almost any combination of self-service component technologies (indoor and outdoor).
We have created the customers in the multi-functional self-service solutions, usually need 15-20 + different integrated peripherals. More typical, pavilion is a customer need some custom design, with a few unique components on economic integration to a standard service terminal.
The commonly used integration components listed below. If you don't see it listed, just ask us.

Customized service

LKS custom solution design and cost-effective hardware manufacturing location of choice for our contractors to many of the leading technology companies into the self-service area.
We realize that each self-service project began in the prototype and a series of small manufacturing operation. Those small run, most manufacturers are reluctant to bear.
Our solution design and manufacture of the share of the business, and lead to a complete turnkey engineering services.
Choose only from the OEM service you need is as follows:
A complete OEM service:
Project design (attachment, custom controller board)
Application development.
Contract manufacturing
Remote monitoring
Consulting and project management
Preparation and installation on site
Integration and test
On-site service and support

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