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Intelligent Vending Solutions

This intelligent self-service vending solution is to be designed for high-end commodities vending. Different with traditional vending for low cost gadgets, LKS' high-end vending solution will highly combine software and hardware and make it more intelligent and more efficient. From the hardware point of view, our high-end self-service vending machine is adopt with unique design of 3-axis lift system, delivery-out channels can be adjusted freely thus has a good compatibility, and it can sell various of commercial goods with different size, ensure no damages during the process of delivery-out. On the other hand, it supports self-help selling/picking/renting/recycling function by software, and users can choose diversified payment methods, such as Alipay, Wechat, bank card and international credit card, etc. The finished machine is certified by CE/3C/FCC, suitable for global market use, OEM/ODM order is welcome! 

Hardware module

◇ 3-axis lift system: free adjustment on delivery-out channels, excellent compatibility.
◇ Mutiple payment options: Alipay, Wechat, bank card.
◇ Touch screen operation.
◇ Keyboard input: Secure metal keyboard.
◇ UHF card reader: quickly identify tags and data uploads.
◇ Tailored delivery rotation mechanism,electric gate and recycling bin to recycle merchandise.
◇ Pinhole camera to ensure security of transaction.
◇ 7*24 Hours non-stop self-service. 

Note: the above functions are for reference only, can be customized according to customer's requirements and modification

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