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Card Dispenser Solutions

Card dispenser solution is to help banks and various merchants deal with the business of card dispensing, storage, management, quick query much more easily, it's applied to diversified card kinds, incl. credit card, debit card, social insurance card, eaten card. By adopting the original disc access technology, it achieves automatic storage and self-help card dispensing, no doubt it's an effective solution to the daily business of card dispenser. It supports 7*24 hours non-stop service, thus applicants can complete all the business without limits on time and workplace any more.  

Hardware module

◇ Large capacity, the distribution channels can be customized according to customer needs, maximum capacity of card storage up to 3000.
◇ Configurated with electric three-in-one card reader module: can read IC card, magnetic card, contactless card
◇ Supports the input with 2nd generation ID card, receipt QR code scanning, SMS verification code and other methods to apply for a new card.
◇ The average speed to receive card: ≤ 10 seconds/person
◇ Built-in webcam, shooting facial images or video recording, record the characteristics of applicants. 
◇ Receipt printing
◇ User interface: LCD display + touch screen
◇ Cabinet: tailored specs., supports anti-theft function
◇ Card dispensing hardware module
◇ Cloud platform management system, supports data query, statistics, accounting, fault self-diagnosis,etc.

Note: the above functions are for reference only, can be customized according to customer's requirements and modification

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