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LKS has developed a series of self-service ticket terminal solution to apply to the newest trend of film market and provide customized services for specific demands. The system is consist of 3 major parts, user-end ticketing software, user-end advertising software and monitoring platform. As an integrated solution to ticketing, this self-service terminal can achieve interaction between online and offline ticketing, it supports tickets colleting, buying, account query, registration, recharge, movie preview, precision advertising putting, gift sales/delivery and other functions. Operators can monitor all the terminal equipment in real time through a strong cloud platform management system, thus to reduce operating costs. Now our ticket vending machine has been widely adopted and highly recognized by a lot of large-scale cinema lines, incl. Taobao Film(Alibaba), Zhejiang Era, Dadi Cinema, etc.

Hardware module

Main function: ticket booking, on-site buying and collection
◇ Receipt printer: for ticket collecting
◇ Membership card reader: query on account, membership registration, recharge
◇ Movie preview, gift sale or distribution
◇ Touch screen for precision advertising putting
◇ Equipment management through background, timely monitoring on ticket sales, report analysis
◇ Cash acceptor module
◇ Diversified payment methods, inc. WeChat, Alipay, NFC and other mobile payment
◇ Customizable specs. could be best solutions to ticketing in cinema, concert, scenic spot, amusement park, transportation terminals, etc.

Note: the above functions are for reference only, can be customized according to customer's requirements and modification

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