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Scenic spots self-service ticketing terminal

2017 xian world garden spring garden Lantern Festival in the luxuriant ended last week, according to the statistics, on January 1, 2017 - February 28, 2017, received both visitors nearly two hundred thousand people. In order to ensure the smoothly during the Lantern Festival visitors reception work, campus perfect service facilities, enabled by the Shenzhen LKS manufactured for shaan'xi daily journey easy media self-help sales/terminal equipment against the ticket - e brigade. Tens of thousands of visitors through a simple screen operation, easy against the ticket, buy a ticket; Greatly reduce the pressure on a window in the industrial park, raised the speed of the visitors into the garden, enhance the visitor tickets of consumption experience, optimize the service of the scenic spot.

Only on the night of the Lantern Festival ticket kiosks e brigade passed on the ticket, buy a ticket of visitors came to the ten thousand people. Visitors have first contact self-service ticket machine, under the guidance of the staff and explain, fresh feeling intelligent ticket process. A talk with big holes in northeast flavor son girl said: "this is an artifact, te that!"

It is very easy to operate

The machine is very reliable

Shenzhen LKS make for shaan'xi daily journey easy media self-service sale/against the ticket gate, and the terminal equipment - e brigade has become a beautiful beautiful scenery line in the multiple scenic area in our province, big guy couldn't put it down to it, "good", "so fast", "convenient"... Used people all say good! Scenic area managers also sincerely feedback way: "use your self-service equipment, tourists in speed, artificial cost is reduced, the scenic area also look intelligent, particularly tall."

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